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Microfiction Monday Magazine

Microfiction Monday Magazine published a 100-word version of “The Swimming Pool” (by Kaleb Estes) in their 55th edition of the magazine on the 2nd of January 2017.  You can find the story here:

Microfiction Monday Magazine (55th ed.)

Hope you enjoy the read!

Author Spotlight and Collaboration

A good friend of mine, poet and singer/songwriter Wanderer (Cydnee Reese), wanted to make a poetry video in 2014.  So, naturally, I told her I’d love to help and managed to sneak a music and video editing credit at the end of this excellent poetry recitation.  The funny thing about this video is that Cydnee and I both had little or no civilian clothes with us at the time, so the majority of the shots display her USAFA PT uniform.  Maybe we can do a reshoot of this with better wardrobe in the future… for now, though, here is still a wonderful little video:

Sweet Demise

Since then, Cydnee has only expanded her collection of written and spoken poetry, competing in and winning poetry contests and events on a regular basis.  Her YouTube page can be found here.

We have plans to put out some more edited videos (music and poetry) in the spring of 2017, so look forward to that!  You’ll be able to find all the details here on my page.

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